Corporate philosophy


Contribute to the creation of wisdom and courage through the provision of knowledge and information

SALTA ESTATE HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which provides real estate consulting services, is dedicated to providing customers with troubles in property sales, exchange of facilities, leasing, and management. We are consulted so that customers can make the best choice, and we are confident that we have been working on proposals that have been tailored to the needs of many customers.
As a mission to support customers' lives through asset formation and to become life partners, we have abundant results for many properties such as parking lots, vacant houses, stores, etc. If you are considering or disposal, please use it.

  • Collect empathy and appreciation from society through work

    Companies are only appreciated by society, and their existence is permitted, and the degree of contribution to society is the answer and is expressed as the company's profit.

  • Establish a true partnership

    By analyzing the potential risks of real estate from a professional point of view, and by describing and sharing future prospects,
    I offer a true partnership that I would like to ask.

  • Work is not given, you create yourself and be responsible for the results.

    (1) A work without independence is a mere task, and it embodies growing by having a sense of ownership.
    2 There is no more valuable concept than trust in work.
    With close communication and relationships, we aim to become a human resource who can earn the trust of the global society.
    3 If you can be grateful from customers and colleagues, you can keep your work enjoyable and enjoyable. How do you think your job will be fun?


A trusted and proven company for real estate consulting

You can leave real estate consulting


SALTA ESTATE HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., whose parent company is BAMC Group, a consulting firm related to management, tax accounting and property management, makes full use of the consulting know-how accumulated over 15 years, and it specializes in specialized and advanced information specialized in real estate in particular. The main business is to provide.
The company name "SALTA (Salta)" is derived from Hikaru Saruta appearing in Japanese mythology.
Hikaru Saruta has been conveyed as the god of "route guidance" and named with thought to meet everyone's expectations as a guide for real estate utilization.
The position of “real estate” in Japan includes a wide variety of options depending on the purpose, including overseas customers. At that time, I think that what is important is that the real estate transaction is just a means and not a purpose.
We hope that we can provide our customers with specialized knowledge and information to contribute to a better choice of directions.


I can fly

Dealing with buying and selling and management in real estate consulting

Real estate consulting

Real estate analysis, real estate management report, simplified inheritance tax simplified calculation, division proposal, tax payment proposal, right relationship adjustment, effective utilization proposal, etc.


Real estate

● Sale (trading): Accurate grasp of surrounding information (examples), real estate price assessment, purchase agent network.

● Purchasing (trading): An approach for asset owners and foreign investors who need business succession and inheritance tax measures.

Rental and management

Real estate analysis, real estate management report, simplified inheritance tax simplified calculation, division proposal, tax payment proposal, right relationship adjustment, effective utilization proposal, etc.


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  • Domestic Investment Real Estate Hawaii Real Estate Representative Takuji Kuwahara

    My policy : In order to contribute to the preservation and expansion of our customers' valuable assets, we are committed to providing long-term support and relationship in a close relationship.

Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Consulting Companies

If you start looking for a property, when should you start?
It varies depending on the type of industry and circumstances, but in most cases, it can be decided in 2-3 months on average for rent from 3 to 6 months for buying and selling. Please calculate back from the opening date and the opening...
If I consult in advance, does it cost a consultation fee?
Consultation is basically free of charge, but please be aware that you may be charged the cost if, for example, you repeat the consultation many times, or if it is necessary to investigate the Legal Affairs Office or the government offic...

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 Ginza East Building 5F, Chuo-ku 7-16-14, Ginza, Tokyo

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09:00 〜 18:00

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増子 和


株式会社BAMC associates



A company with many experiences in rental and sales consultations through real estate consulting operates at a location that is easily accessible from Higashi Ginza Station and Tsukiji Market Station.
We offer consultations on rental sales and management of any property, including single-family homes and apartments, so please come and visit us if you are looking for a company that can offer real estate consulting services to meet various concerns.


BAMC Taiwan (local corporation)

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BAMC assicuates Co., Ltd.


Rm. 1410, 12F.-10, No. 205, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)




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株式会社BAMC associates